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  • FØRPRIS 2790,-
  • Compact enclosure
  • One 8“ / 20 cm long excursion woofers with hand scooped paper cone and quad voice coil
  • Double ventilated voice-coil for minimum compression effects
  • High-temperature resistant voice coil with large winding height
  • Easiest connection via special subwoofer cable
  • Solid metal grilles for perfect protection of the woofers cones
  • power handling RMS / Max 200 / 400 Watts
  • Sensitivity 87 dB 1W / 1m
  • Impedance 4 x 3 Ohms
  • Linear cone excursion +/- 6.5 mm
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 189 x 340 x 310
  • Medfølger: Plug & Play kabel MATCH PP-SC 48 (4.80 meter)
  • PP 8E-Q
  • For every purpose the right kind of bass – the brand new subwoofers are the ideal complement for the MATCH amplifiers. Make your choice for the right combination depending on trunk space and your demand for maximum sound pressure level.
  • These subs really prove that the intelligent combination of amplifier with extensive DSP technology and speaker can lead to deep and powerful bass response in your car, even with small sized enclosures. The secret lies in the “team play” of both components – only in combination with the MATCH ams these subwoofers will be able to deliver ultimate acoustical performance that will totally take you by surprise!