German Car Audio
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Varenr: 15188
Vanlig pris 3.590,00 kr inkl. mva
  • 12" bass med støpt chassis i aluminium
  • Trippel magnetsystem med 9 ventileringshull
  • 76mm/3" svingspole
  • progressiv spider
  • Maks effekt: 2000W
  • RMS effekt: 1000W
  • Anbefalte kasser:
  • 30 liter lukket
  • 50 liter portet, 10cm port med 28cm lengde
  • Monteringsdybde 188mm
  • Impedans 2 + 2 Ohm, dobbel svingspole
  • Elemental force with sensitivity
  • Yet sheer power alone is not sufficient – numerous sophisticated technical details together with a smart mix of materials assure highest precision and detailed bass reproduction which will satisfy even most demanding music enthusiasts.
  • These subwoofers form a perfect symbiosis of maximum sound pressure and state-of-the-art sound quality in a new dimension.