FOCAL ISO forlenger kabel, IW-IMP-EXT150

til Helix P SIX DSP
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Varenr: 16229
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  • Compatible with the IMPULSE 4.320 compact 4-channel digital amplifier, the IMP EXTENSION I/O 150 extension cables with Plug & Play connections offer total installation freedom as they can connect each amplifier channel to one of the speaker drivers.
  • Input/output extension: ‘Input’ to send the audio signal from the main unit to the amplifier and ‘output’ to send the signal leaving the amplifier to the original audio system.
  • Developed with twisted cables to effectively eliminate disturbance
  • Three different lengths to suit all vehicles
  • Cut-resistant protective shield
  • Great flexibility for the easiest possible installation
  • Double In/Out connector to also receive the amplified signal from the IMPULSE 4.320
  • No soldering required
  • Length: 5ft (1,50m)